Southern Food Road Tour: Susan Spicer and NOLA Edition

New Orleans, LA – In just two and a half hours, Susan Spicer, one of the most celebrated chefs in the South, is going to personally give me a lesson in how to make biscuits at her new, New-Orleans themed restaurant Rosedale. It’s hard to overstate how excited I am about this brand new development….

Southern Food Road Trip: Glock Sidetrip in Indiana

I have limited experience with guns, but I did grow up in Kansas, so I’ve shot skeet and been to a gun range and fired shotguns and various pistols with more gun-oriented friends out in the country. John here is amazing, as you will see; someone to have with you when concealed carry is called…

Southern Food Road Trip: Bettie’s Caramel Chocolate Pecan Pie

Humboldt, TN – My AirBnB hostess here, a ferociously charming woman named Christine Warrington, recently moved back home after making her international fortune, with designs on taking out the sitting mayor. Her very first Machiavellian move? Finding a caterer, of course, since the most effective Southern schmoozing is done over a plate. Christine introduced me to Tim Hayes, owner…

Southern Food Road Trip: Jokes Part 1

I hadn’t planned to include jokes, but people keep telling them to me, and since jokes and stories as communication is so very Southern, I’m going to start recording them!  

Southern Food Road Trip: Tennessee Holodeck Replies

Memphis, TN – Yesterday and today I’m learning all about smoke and barbecue. I spent half the day yesterday with Helen Miller, the country’s only African American  barbecue pitmaster and, according to her customers, the best bar none. (I had to start a second laundry bag for the BBQ clothes!) Pics and video of that tomorrow. My…

Southern Food Road Trip: Days 1&2

Humboldt, TN – Two days and 550 miles into this epic Southern food road trip it’s become clear that finding the time to write about it along the way is going to be the biggest challenge, (knock wood.) This morning it’s happening at 4 am, Keurig-fueled, in the dead silence that comes from being surrounded by tall…

Disgusted Cows and Happy Ducks

After breakfast, Greg took me on a tour of his menagerie, and he was particularly anxious to show me how wild the cows were for banana peels. They’ll come running, he said. And he was right that they looked eager. Except on this particular morning the coffee cream was off and had ended up in the compost…

Highland Cows (aka Heilan Coos)

As one of many nods to its Scottish heritage, Ratho keeps Highland Cows (Heilan Coos in Scots). Originally from the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, their thick wavy hair, besides being adorable, is warm enough for them to overwinter in the field. One of these fellas will be hung up for steaks in 2017.

Pickling Practice

Quick pickling is the “put a bird on it” of the culinary world.